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Challenge Accepted! PDPR are one of the 30+ media agencies across Australia that have joined Urban List’s #ChallengeforChange to take transformative steps towards a more sustainable life.

Over the years, businesses have been learning to focus on better understanding the needs of their consumers, rather than just selling a product or service. Still, that’s becoming standard procedure. If they want to stand out and make a real difference, they need to implement and encourage sustainable practices.

Amongst the many social and environmental issues, the ecological one is the most urgent. From the moment this concern became global, people began to worry about the consequences of excessive consumption and how it directly impacts the planet. Surveys have confirmed that over 66% of consumers prefer brands that are environmentally friendly.

According to CEO Susannah George, climate change is the primary concern of The Urban List’s audience. Further to this, while 90% of Australians are concerned about environmental sustainability, only half feel they are doing their share to help.

Environmental responsibility is not only about recycling products, but also to reduce consumption, reuse materials, reuse packaging and control unnecessary spending. That is, companies that embrace this cause need to consciously position themselves so that all their activities are environmentally responsible.

While 90% of Australians are concerned about environmental sustainability, only half feel they are doing their share to help.

Marketing and media agencies are creative, innovative, cool, knowledgeable, trendy… adjectives that should make us lead by example. Sustainable practices should be encouraged by management, influencing the team and their internal processes. It’s a change from the inside out.

Challenge for Change

PDPR sees this Challenge as an opportunity to ensure we are doing everything we can both environmentally and socially. The below lists just a few of the amazing brand collaborations we have worked on and are producing currently across Australia…

  1. Working with OzHarvest Brisbane to promote their 8th Birthday Celebrations via their Cakes for a Cause initiative. OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue charity and you can find out more about the organisation via their website. DONATE HERE.
  2. Working with Brisbane City Council for the Revive Second-hand Fashion Festival earlier this year (with event partner LOUD Events) to help raise awareness for excess waste and the fashion industry’s carbon footprint.

The below is a list of best practices that our team has implemented and are committed to for the future:

  1. We work with our event partners to incorporate sustainable practices at all functions, including using water bubblers and avoiding single use water bottles.
  2. Our Sydney Team walk to work!
  3. We actively promote digital channels in all PR campaigns.
  4. We utilise recycled paper stock where possible for our client printing projects.
  5. We use digital correspondence and e-brochures rather than printed proposals for client briefs.
  6. Our team regularly donates pre-loved fashion purchases to local charities and foundations.
  7. Where possible, we recycle project purchases and reuse them.
  8. We use KeepCups for the takeaway coffee in the morning!

Sustainability is embedded in PDPR’s culture and has also become part of the business strategy. PDPR are committed to sustainability and we strive for our partners to commit too.

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