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#Kondo-ing your Content Creation!

Does your social media feed spark joy? #Kondo-ing your content creation through professional photography.

Like it or hate it, the KonMari method is revolutionising how people are viewing their homes, their offices and their lives in general. The basis of this (for those living under a rock) is the de-cluttering philosophy of one Marie Kondo – a Japanese organisation expert whose guidelines for tidying are transforming the lives of millions.

Although the premise of discarding anything and everything that doesn’t spark joy may seem wasteful in the real world, the fundamental principles hold true for the world of social media.

The life-changing magic of Kondo-ing your social feed is strategic yet straight forward, and like Marie Kondo, we at PDPR are committed to sharing the most effective tools to help you achieve it.

Here are our Top 7 Tips for Kondo-ing your Social Feed:

  1. Be Holistic. It’s about the overall experience – not just one item or product. Pay attention to the overall aesthetic of your feed.
  2. You get what you pay for. Professional images are everything!
  3. If you are a product-based brand – Be a Mixologist. Mix up your feed with products, interior shots of your store or office with promotional items and other branded collateral, smiling staff and behind-the-scenes magic.
  4. Humanise. Adding a human element to any shot (such as a hand holding an ice cream or handbag) helps to create a sense of presence.
  5. Get Moving. We all like our coffee hot and our cocktails well shaken. Inject a little movement and magic into your posts (think piping hot coffee with steam rising overhead; cocktails stirring themselves or Champagne filling a glass).
  6. Use only the best ingredients – fresh and vibrant colour is key and content creation photography gives the perfect platform to be creative. Choose neutral backgrounds (light cloths, marble benchtops and timber surfaces look great) and let the vibrancy of ingredients (ie the core product) really shine.
  7. Pick your angles. Ensure that the shot is set up according to the best angle and lighting (try for natural rather than artificial light) to showcase the product at its best.

Remember that oftentimes the simplest, least cluttered compositions are the strongest and provide the most impact.

Annika Launay

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