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The Importance of Networking

The importance of events, networking and creating meaningful relationships in driving your business. 

PDPR Networking

PDPR at Gerard’s Bistro 2018

Gone are the days of relying solely on a digital marketing campaign or newspaper advertisement to generate new lead enquiries. In the current marketplace, referral business and word of mouth are the biggest contributing factors for not only bringing in new opportunities, but more importantly, building brand reputation. So, all of those networking events that you’re receiving invitations to – GO! And, go with conviction and a business development strategy!

How many people are you going to talk to today? How many people are you going to make sure you secure a follow up coffee with? All of these things need to be considered when you’re attending events. Have a clear objective, research the guest list and know beforehand who you want to meet up with. Hanging by the bar with your best friend is definitely fun, yet it will no doubt result in a missed opportunity to network and establish meaningful relationships with industry peers.

How Can We Help?

PDPR Marketing & Creative not only specialise in developing strategic networking opportunities for our diverse client and customer portfolio, we also identify synergies amongst these brands and businesses to ensure that when you network with us – you’re guaranteed to come away with new connections, improved knowledge and the potential for new business opportunities.

Each year we host two major networking events here in Brisbane. Last year we wrapped up the year by hosting twenty of our corporate clients to an exclusive luncheon in conjunction with our ‘Business of Marketing’ presentation at Gerard’s Bistro. Now anyone can host a lunch… but how are you getting the room engaged? How are you opening up conversation channels and encouraging your guests to discuss their business and service offering? By presenting a topic that is relevant to every single person in the room – regardless of their industry – you can ensure open communication and interaction.

We pride ourselves on our diverse knowledge of marketing and communication requirements across various business sectors. Whether you’re a start-up fashion business, an automotive dealer or a major retail group – PDPR’s know-how, contacts and street cred delivers communications campaigns with real punch, wow factor and above all, measurable results.

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Gerard’s Bar & Bistro

Gerard’s Bistro is a hidden treasure and an indulgent experience, tucked away behind James Street in Fortitude Valley. Combining the flavours of the Maghreb and Middle East, their menu offers a modern take on classic dishes using locally sourced ingredients with traditional technique. Gerard’s menu is designed to be shared along with a carefully curated wine list to enhance the experience.

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